Grade A Instructor
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“Friendly, easy to talk to and understand. Very encouraging and makes you feel at ease while driving.” Joan Gilbert, Davenport

“First time on the road was nerve wracking but after the first few lessons it became easy. Recommended for those who are very new to driving and want to start off easy.” Douglas Keith Gill, Offerton

"An absolute star, he was patient and encouraged me throughout the lessons.“ Kathryn Gill, Offerton

“Paul Gorman is one of the best instructors. I am sure that if he hadn't helped me I wouldn't have passed my practical test first time. Trust me, don't look for other instructors.” Marek Glowinski, Offerton Estate

"I found Paul to be very patient and reassuring. He is a really genuine person who makes you feel calm, which is what you need in a driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I had other driving instructors and found him to be the best. He got me through my test which has give me my independence." Angela Holland, Offerton

"I chose Paul to teach me as 3 of my siblings had had him and passed 1st time. Straight away I could tell that he trusts in his pupils as to what level their driving is at. I couldn't reccommend Paul enough, he has total patience and a sense of humour which puts you at ease when you're driving. In terms of the service, Paul Gorman represents great value for money, which with rising costs in obtaining a driving license these days, helps ease the burden. Passed 1st time with just 2 minors. Thanks Paul"
Daniel Ireland, South Reddish